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TRW 2-Player Exclusive + Miniatures Rules


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1-48Fantasy: The Rift War Exclusive Bundle + Miniatures Skirmish Wargaming rules

Includes everything from the 2-Player Exclusive bundle as well as the complete rules for using the character cards from the card game to play with your collection of miniatures in a fast and brutal way.

Search chests, pick up weapons from fallen friends or foes, take cover against enemy missiles, perform brutal charges or prepare your warriors to be charged!

In 1-48Fantasy: The Rift War Miniatures Skirmish Wargaming rules you'll find rules for setting up and completing a game within 30 minutes. Central to the game is the use of Action tokens which means you have a limited number of actions ot perform each turn. This ensures you need to make tough decisions every turn regarding which characters should do what!

All characters have different stats that makes them excel at something, and be poor at other things, or something in between.

1-48Fantasy is the deckbuilding fantasy game with a twist! Play solo, coop or multiplayer (an additional 2-Player Core Set is required for multiplayer) in the land of Garrandur, a nation ravaged by war for centuries! You begin with a weak party of adventurers and have to embark on dangerous missions, and succeed, to gain fortune, rewards and renown! This will then help you succeed the harder missions later in the game.

A typical game takes 20-40 minutes when you have become experienced with the mechanics. With the added Exclusive Essentials deck you will also gain your very own county in Garrandur, from which you will receive a bonus in the missions ahead. You may even try to conquer your opponents county! The marketplace cards lets you spend your hard earned coins on better weapons and equipment for your party. There are also more missions cards, to expand your selection.

Included in the game: 108 cards with original artwork - Full color A5 rulebook - Full color doublesided A5 map of Garrandur/continent of Kyro - Tokens sheet with copper, silver and gold tokens, as well as Action Tokens - 2 Exclusive D6 dice

The Exclusive Essentials deck: 15 County cards, one for each of the counties in Garrandur 12 Marketplace cards, giving you access to more and better weapons and spells 10 new Side Quests 3 new Expeditions 3 New Adventures 5 New Final Encounters 5 Exclusive characters, only available in this deck 2 Hand Size cards

Full color Miniatures Skirmish Wargaming A5 rulebook Full color doublesided tokens

Check out this How to Play video on Youtube:

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