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Beastgrave Primal Lair

Beastgrave Primal Lair

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Bring the horrifying depths of Beastgrave to life with this set of scenery tiles! Designed to be combined with your gaming boards, these thematic scenery elements are perfect for representing blocked or lethal hexes in your battles. They
e also great for building terrain in your other Warhammer games, too. Perhaps you’ll combine several sets to make a battlefield based in Ghur for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, or an alien world in Warhammer 40,000.

This set contains:

Includes six different designs of sculpted tiles, including:
- 1 large animal skull and section of skeleton (takes up two hexes)
- 1 large skull resting on rocks (takes up one hex)
- 1 shard of realmstone (takes up one hex)
- 1 pit of acid (takes up one hex)
- 1 gaseous clouds forming from vents in the ground (takes up one hex)
- 1 set of tentacles emerging from a hole in the ground (takes up one hex)

This kit is supplied unbuilt in 20 plastic, push fit components.


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