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Legion Agent Kallus Commander

STAR WARS, Expansion


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Ruthless and cunning, Imperial Security Bureau agent Alensandr Kallus will stop at nothing to suppress dissent and bring order to the galaxy. Now, he leads Imperial forces as they hunt any rebel cells.

Within this expansion, players find a finely detailed, unpainted hard plastic Agent Kallus miniature they can customize to fit their own style. Beyond this, seven upgrade cards—including his J-19 Bo-Rifle—invites players to outfit Agent Kallus for battle, while his three signature command cards help players explore new strategies as they seek to quell rebellion.

1 Agent Kallus Miniature
1 27mm Round Bases
1 Aim Token
1 Dodge Token
6 Observations Tokens
1 Order Token
1 Standby Token
1 Suppression Token
3 Wound Tokens
1 Agent Kallus Unit Card
1 Flaw Card
3 Command Cards
7 Upgrade cards